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Demshi Telco open-access model allows multiple service providers to offer their services on the same infrastructure. This approach promotes healthy competition among providers and ensures a diverse range of options for consumers, ultimately driving innovation and improving service quality.

About Us

Committed to expanding our coverage to connect more communities to the power of Fiber.

Demshi Investments Holdings specializes in fiber to home technology, providing reliable and fast internet connections for individuals, families, and businesses . With a focus on delivering top-notch service and cutting-edge technology, Demshi Investments Holdings is the go-to choice for bringing high-quality internet to households in Namibia.

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Open Access Philosophy

Our open access fiber networks empower service providers to deliver a wide range of services, fostering healthy competition and providing you with choices that suit your needs.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Experience the thrill of high-speed internet with our cutting-edge fiber-optic technology.

Reliability You Can Trust

Get assistance anytime, day or night, from our dedicated customer support team.

Community-Centric Approach

We are more than just a service provider; we are a community partner.

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Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) stands out to a special group of potential customers due to its high-speed, reliable, and low-latency internet connectivity. 

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Multiple service providers

Our network operates on a true open-access model, meaning it is completely ISP-agnostic. This allows any accredited Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer their services on our network. This ensures that our clients have access to a diverse range of options from multiple service providers.

Join the Fiber Revolution with Demshi Investments Holdings (Pty) Ltd!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Open-Access Fiber Network?

    An open-access fiber network refers to a telecommunications infrastructure in which the physical fiber-optic cables are shared by multiple service providers, allowing for competition and choice among various internet service providers (ISPs) and other communication services. The term "open access" emphasizes the idea that the network infrastructure is open to multiple providers on a non-discriminatory basis.

  • How Does the Open-Access Model Work?

    The open-access model works by having a neutral entity, such as Demshi, own and maintain the physical infrastructure, like fiber-optic cables. This infrastructure is then made available for lease to multiple service providers who can offer their internet or telecommunications services to end-users. By allowing various providers to utilize the same infrastructure, competition is promoted, which can lead to better services and prices for consumers. This model separates infrastructure ownership from service provision, encouraging innovation and efficient resource use while ensuring access to high-speed internet for communities

  • Who Owns and Manages the Fiber Infrastructure?

    Demshi owns and maintains open access fiber-optic infrastructure, leasing it to multiple service providers who offer internet and telecom services to end-users. This fosters competition, innovation, and economic development while separating infrastructure ownership from service provision.

  • How Can Service Providers Join the Network?

    As an open access network operator like Demshi, service providers can join the network by entering into agreements with us. These agreements typically involve leasing capacity on our fiber-optic infrastructure to offer their services to end-users. Service providers can contact us to initiate discussions and negotiate terms for access to the network. We aim to facilitate fair and non-discriminatory access, promoting competition and innovation in the market.